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Coupon Chief

Ever wonder where everyone gets all those great promo codes when purchasing items online? You know the ones all the other moms are bragging about..."I got free shipping at ___" or "I saved 20% at ___." Here's their little secret revealed....

They are using a site called to locate these codes. It is a database of coupon codes that are uploaded by members. They have a ton of stores listed and multiple coupon codes for each store. Ta-Da!

I love that they even have promo codes and codes to other online stores that you just can't find anywhere else (literally everything from Victoria's Secret to Enterprise Rent-A-Car and all stores in between!). I refuse to pay for codes on ebay when there are great services like Coupon Chief out there.

It is a very user friendly website too. Everything is organized into category and you can also search by store name. They take all the guesswork out of saving. I have tried other coupon code sites whose codes always seem to be expired or invalid, and that is just not the case here. They use a peer-reviewed rating system to determine the success rate of the coupon and even allow you to read the reviews from others' successes to see how visitors used a coupon to benefit them most so maybe you can find an extra deal or 2 along the way. I always check Coupon Chief whenever I am making an online purchase. It is the best way to ensure that I am not missing out on any deals or bargains.

Coupons-4-Causes: Where Saving is Giving!
They also have a program called Coupons 4 Causes. I love this! When you login to Coupon Chief, you can select a charity that you want them to donate to, and if you make your purchase using one of their coupon codes, they will donate up to 20% of your purchase to the charity you choose!

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  1. I viewed the website, and I'm a little bit of confused, is Coupon chief only available in America?