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Silk Amond Milk

I am allergic to dairy and have tried every soy milk out there. I have tried a lot of the rice milk varieties too. I usually buy Silk vanilla flavored soy milk because it is the best flavor for the price ( I usually buy at Sam's for $7 a 3 pack of half gallons or they are typically 2/$5 at Kroger and when they have a coupon that is the cheaper route.). I had never tried the almond milk mostly because of the $3+ per half gallon price tag. This week Kroger had the almond milk marked down to $1.99 per half gallon in their mega sale, and a few weeks ago there was $1 off coupon in the Sunday paper. Score! I decided for $0.99 per half gallon I would give it a try. I bought the vanilla flavor, and I think next time I will buy the unsweetened. The vanilla is a little sweeter than I would prefer, but overall a good creamy flavor with a hint of almond. I eat homemade granola (check out the recipe here) with my milk, and with the honey it was too sweet, but since I have a few half gallons in the fridge I will be on a natural sugar high for the next few weeks!

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