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Turbo Tax Deluxe

So I have never done my own taxes before. When I was single, my dad always did them for me, and last year my husband and I went to the tax center on post and let someone else input everything for us. This year, my hubby is gone and I had planned to go to the tax center myself. There was an online ad for Turbo Tax, and hell their commercials advertising the GPS style taxes is on every evening during my 30 minute TV break, so I thought I would give it a shot.

It was awesome! I will probably never have my taxes done by someone else again (unless I win the lottery or have a multimillion dollar business which isn't forecasted in the near future so Turbo Tax, you have a new customer!

I found I was eligible for deductions I didn't know about and the forms were so easy to fill out. It really was like a GPS navigating me through the ins and outs of taxes. Totally worth the 35 bucks for the deluxe (they do have a basic edition that is free).

Thanks Turbo Tax for saving me the pain of taking 3 kids to the tax center and questioning every keystroke the poor guys make!

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